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10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe at You Cookout

1 min read

Follow these tips to ensure your cookout doesn’t upset your canine.

  • Be sure your dog is wearing a visible and up-to-date ID tag on her collar before the party begins.
  • Keep charcoal, matches and lighter fluid away from your dog.
  • Consider keeping your pup on a leash so she doesn’t explore hot grills or tables of food.
  • While grilling, ask guests to play with your dog far from the flames.
  • Place citronella and other insect-repellants where your dog can’t reach them.
  • Never leave alcohol unattended around dogs.
  • Check that all sunscreen or insect repellant you apply to your dog is labeled for use on pets.
  • Don’t let guests give your pup people food. Consider having a bag of treats on hand.
  • Be sure all children are supervised when near your dog to avoid any roughhousing.
  • If your pup seems overwhelmed, bring her inside and put her in a quiet area away from guests.